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Neptune Whisper by cornellartworks

A piece with strong lines, nice shading, and most importantly, Kaiju blood everywhere! The way it's spattered implies that it did not j...

Determination of Steel by jadeedge

I love the color and shading in the background- from dark on the left, away from Erza, to bright near her and especially her sword, whi...

I just got back from- and loved- Big Hero Six!

There's a lot that it has going for it. It's tightly paced, the characters are really good. I wanted more of the team, but going over it, I'd be hard pressed on what one could cut elsewhere, so all I can say is, needs sequel!

It also has a strong pro-science message, which is neat! New inventions are shown taking time and work and all kinds of people can make stuff, and those discoveries can really make a difference.

I'm not sure who my fav on the team is... Gogo, Lemon, Hiro, Wasabi... they're all pretty awesome!

I think I liked it even more than I liked Wreck-it Ralph, and I really liked Wreck-it Ralph. So if you haven't seen it? Do so if you get the chance!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Big Hero 6 soundtrack
  • Reading: Skin Deep
  • Watching: Big Hero 6
  • Eating: Takis snacks
  • Drinking: Gatoraid (lemon-lime)


Tomiko and Zero walking together by KSBrenowitz by Q99
Tomiko and Zero walking together by KSBrenowitz
Another pic ala After a Hard Day, only on a less hard day!

Tomiko and her wife, Zero Stark, walking together happily surrounded by falling petals.

They both come from the Duplicates universe and were made by Malachy (Tomiko) and I (Zero Stark)

Art by <a wytiwyg="1" href=">KSBrenowitz
Rainy On verge of a cutiemark by bakki by Q99
Rainy On verge of a cutiemark by bakki
Rainbow Feather, daughter of Rainbow Dash and Gilda, went to work with great focus. Her claws moved across the clouds, shaping them into something awesome, and she felt almost compelled in doing so, as if by magic. Like she'd heard some ponies felt right before their cutie mark....

Once she completed it, she'd feel the need to do one last finishing touch, and at that point, Rainbow Feather would discover what her talent really was!

Art by :iconbakki: Bakki

Rainbow Feather's the type to hang out on tumblr, so you can talk to her at Rainbow Feather Replies

Gilda, Rainbow Dash, and My Little Pony are all by Hasbro

Nightmare Feather by Raikoh-illust by Q99
Nightmare Feather by Raikoh-illust
The inherited magic of the daughter of an elemental bearer, Rainbow Dash, combined with the griffon-magic of Gilda, trained by Princess Luna...  they all had such high hopes.

But sometimes, things don't turn out so well. Sometimes bad things happen to her friends, and then... the nightmare forces get in.

Art by :iconraikoh-illust: Raikoh-illust

Rainbow Feather, daughter of Dash and Gilda, is from Rainbow Feather Replies, where one can read and help her continuing story!

MLP:Friendship is Magic is from Hasbro

Bird At the Water by Q99
Bird At the Water
Taken at the same time as the last, there was some floating bit of food (which I couldn't identify), and thus the birds were landing and taking off near-vertically to get near it, which gave me this nice shoot of this one :)


United States
Favourite genre of music: I like music that mixes genre


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